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I received a Claim / Strike
  • Q. I received a claim / strike, what do I do?

    Although our music is claim-free, sometimes claims can occur on videos due to mismatches from other companies or individuals fraudulently claiming our content. If this happens, please let us know by filling in the form below and we can investigate and resolve it. 

    However, as we frequently receive claims that aren't in fact true claims, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the information below to verify whether or not you need to submit a request.

    DO NOT need to submit 🚫 NEED to submit ✅

    If you receive a claim from Featherstone Music or AEI Group

    Your YouTube video is showing a red circle with a line through it (🚫), or a claiming party with a title and timestamp - or anything other than the above points

    If the claim shows anything along the lines of "Resolved", "No Action Taken", or has a green checkmark (✅).



    If something else is showing, please provide a clear screenshot of your Creator Studio backend called "Copyright Summary and Status" so we can see the claiming party and the content in question. This is required in order to resolve.

    (A screenshot showing your video thumbnail with merely "Copyright Claim" is not sufficient and will only delay the claim resolution process [if there's a genuine claim]. We need to see precisely what timestamp, audio, and who the claiming parties are.)


    Crucial Information

    1. Please ensure that you are submitting this form if your video only uses NCS music. This includes any addition music used as an intro, outro, or at any other point in the video. If you have, we are not responsible for action taken on your account and cannot help you further.

    2. We are only able to resolve claims where you've ONLY used NCS music. Please ensure that you are using music from our official verified pages such as our Website, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. Please do not use channels that aren't ours, even if they say "NoCopyright" or other similar terminology, as they do not belong to us and we can't guarantee their music is copyright-free. Again, please ensure that you are using music only from our verified pages.

    3. If you do use music from other labels and pages, you are responsible for any action taken on your account. This also applies to any music from NCS artists that have NOT released that specific song on NCS.

    4. If you have submitted a claim and you have used music at any point in your video that does not come from our official pages, we cannot help you.


    If you've read the above and still believe that you have an incorrect/false claim, please submit a request here.